How to Monitor your Data Usage with Trend Micro Support?

Trend Micro has provided numerous security products such as Trend Micro antivirus, mobile security, internet security to the digital world with an aim to build a safe and trouble-free online environment. There is lot to talk about Trend Micro but today we’ll discuss about its Mobile Security product.




Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS is really beneficial for its customers as it not only prevent the user’s systems from the threats but also offers a new ‘Data Usage’ monitor to support them to keep track of their data usage against the Cellular & Roaming data plans. This feature also keep records of its customer’s Wi-Fi data usage. To achieve greater accuracy, users are recommended to open their Trend Micro Mobile Security before and after restarting their mobile device along with keeping it continuously running in the background.




Steps to Keep Track of Data Usage:


 1.       In the main screen of the Console, click ‘Data Usage’. The Data Usage instruction screen will appear, asking you to set up a plan in ‘Data Usage Settings’ to track your Cellular data usage.


 Note: Same instruction screen appears in case of Roaming and Wi-Fi data usages.


 2.      Click the instruction screen to display the Cellular screen, followed by the Settings icon on the right side to open ‘Cellular Data Settings’.


3.      By default, the Data Plan is set to Unlimited. Tap ‘Data Plan’ to change this setting by first switching the ‘unlimited toggle’ off.


Then a field to enter a Data Limitation will appear.


4.      Click on ‘Data Limitation’ field and enter the data amount then click ‘Done’.


5.      Choose the Unit of measure in GB or MB.


6.      Now, tap the ‘Billing Cycle’ option to set the cycle after returning to the main Cellular Data Settings Screen.  


7.      Enter the ‘Billing Cycle pick list’ and scroll to the proper cycle.


8.      When ‘done’, tap the Billing Cycle again to close the pick list.


9.      Return back to the main Cellular Data settings screen, switch the alert option ‘ON’.


10.   Now, a pop-up with a message: ‘To track more accurate data usage and view alerts at the right time, keep Mobile Security running in the background” will appear. Tap ‘OK’.


 Note: By default the first and second alerts are set to be appear at 80% and 100% usage of your data plan.




11.    To adjust the Exceeding Plan Alerts, click each respectively to change the percentage at which the alert will activate. Now, click ‘OK’.


12.   If essential, then scroll down to ‘Optional Settings’ in order to manually set the amount of data that has been already used in this billing period by clicking on ‘Adjust Current Usage’. An edit screen will appear.


13.   Enter the amount you have already used in this billing period then click ‘Done’.


14.   Return to the main ‘Data Usage’ screen. The Data Usage for Cellular Data will display a graph of your settings, providing estimated Data Usage and Days Left in Billing Cycle.


15.   To adjust the Roaming Data settings, Click the ‘Roaming’ tab in the main Data Usage screen and either manually adjust each setting to fit a separate Roaming data plan or switch to ‘Match Cellular Data Settings’ on to match that group of settings.


16.   Now, adjust the Wi-Fi Data Usage settings in the same way as the previous two, either manually or by matching the cellular data settings & and billing cycle.


16.See the graphical report of Monthly and Annual usage for Roaming Data, Cellular Data or Wi-Fi Data, by clicking the respective tab.


17.   Click the Graph icon present in the upper left corner of the Data Usage screen. A graph of Usage History appears. For instance- the Wi-Fi Usage History for the current Month or Year.




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